Lord of The Wrench (48 tools in 1)

It is a 48-in-1 socket wrench that instantly becomes the right tool for any job by simply clicking on the different sizes. You don't need multiple socket wrenches or large toolkits, just swivel the head to find the right fit. This professional-grade tool is designed with 360 rotating head that quickly changes to the size you need. You can change it from one size to the next as fast as you can by clicking the tool. Its unique design allows you to do both standard and metric sizes- simply flip the tool around and you have more sizes.


  • The wrench has the 360-degree rotating head, can be adjusted easily.
  • It has soft rubber handle, non-slip grip makes it safer to use.
  • It is suitable for multi-size nuts, will not strip nuts and bolts.
  • Increases your hands’ gripping power on the nut or bolt.
  • Great repairing tool for auto, home, outdoors and more.
  • Its 360 rotating heads changes quickly between sizes.
  • Made of high-quality material- Stainless steel.
  • Its unique design allows working at 45 angles.
  • Tightens all sides for a firm fit, easy to use.
  • Perfectly fits in all nuts and bolts, durable.


  • Condition: New
  • Material: Stainless steel


  • Size: 25 x 5 x 4cm / 9.84 x 1.97 x 1.57 in

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Tiger Socket Wrench

    Collections: Home and Garden

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