Germ Resistant Popcorn Popper Bucket

HEALTHY HOMEMADE POPCORN - Prepare with the FDA-approved and BPA-free Popper, healthier and movie theater style Popcorn without oil, butter or any other saturated fats. Avoid the chemicals found in microwave popcorn bags!

EASY TO USE - Simply fill the recessed cup in the bottom of the bowl with up to 5 tablespoons of kernels, fold in the top and place in the microwave and enjoy your movie time!

SAVE TIME AND MONEY - No preheating, stove, pot or special preparation required. Make and serve up to 10 cups Popcorn in few minutes. Save a lot of money in comparison to electric Popcorn making machines.

NO EXTRA OVEN MITTS REQUIRED - Useful handy side tabs for easily removing the bucket without burned or scorched hands from the microwave.

MADE OF HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE - Easy care, food grade silicone. For use in the microwave and also for easy cleaning in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Collections: Home & Kitchen

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