Custom Frame 3 Panels

Custom DIY 3 Panel Frame with easy installation.

Get your canvas painting framed on the wooden pieces and give an appealing look to your home.

Steps for assembling canvas.

Step 1: Overturn the painting, and use the pen mark the wood position on the painting. please make sure the wood angle facing the angle and then the narrow side of groove toward inwardly. make sure the wood edge and the painting edge coincide each other, this is very important. 

Step 2: Please use the tape fixed the wood on the correct position. 

Step 3: Please rip off the double adhesive tape one by one; then erected the wood make sure the painting angle clamped between the wood angle. press the wood to be more fixed.

Step 4:  Input the "U" nail in to the corner of the wood.

Step 5: Input the cardboard to steady the frame.

 High Quality Wooden Frame that comes in size:

Medium : 30cmx50cmx3pcs = (12x18inchx3pcs)

Large : 40cmx60cmx3pcs = (16x24inchx3pcs)

XLarge : 50cmx70cmx3pcs = (20x30inchx3pcs)

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