5 Panel Custom Wide Horizontal Canvas

Custom Wide Horizontal Canvas by Anjuna Lane will compliment any type of room and become an amazing focal point.

  • Send us your photo preferably in 3000x2800 pixels and 100 PPI.
  • The image can be sent to us in pdf file format or in a jpeg image format.

High Quality Prints that comes in size :

Medium: 20cmx35cmx2pcs, 20cmx45cmx2pcs, 20cmx55cmx1pc

 (8inchx14inchx2pcs, 8inchx18inchx2pcs, 8inchx22inchx1pcs)

Large: 30cmx40cmx2pcs, 30cmx60cmx2pcs, 30cmx80cmx1pc 

(12inchx16inchx2pcs, 12inchx24inchx2pcs, 12inchx32inchx1pc)

XLarge : 40cmx60cmx2pcs, 40cmx80cmx2pcs, 40cmx100cmx1pc

(16inchx24inchx2pcs, 16inchx32inchx2pcs, 16inchx40inchx1pc)

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